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Current Offers

We offer domains starting at $17.95 a year (personalized email account is included with your domain ( Renewals start at $19.95 after one year of service.

We offer the transfer of your existing domain to us starting at $14.95 a year (.ca domains will cost $25.00 to transfer, and $25.00 / year to run and operate. .com, .net etc. Will be the transfer price stated above, which is $12.95 per year)

Our hosting packages (pick one to pair with your domain): *HOSTING IS 50% OFF!

$5.00 / month   *NOW $2.50
$10.00 / month *NOW $5.00
$20.00 / month *NOW $10.00
$30.00 / month (Business Package) *NOW $15.00
$50.00 / month (Large Business Package) *NOW $20.00 *50% off with an extra $5.00 off!

WE OFFER HOSTING ONLY AS WELL! **If you have a domain and need someone to host it, we can place your domain on our servers. All you have to do is choose a hosting package!
Search Engine Optimization – S.E.O. – (Makes your website easier to find on search engines. This provides you with a full SEO update once a month)

$17.00 / month

We offer Website Design as well starting at the following prices (one time fee; doesn’t include addition and deletion of content):
$30.00 – Basic Design (Most Popular)
$50.00 – Advanced Design

We also offer an Ongoing Website Design Fee for adding/deleting content on a regular basis. ex. Photographers

Ongoing Design Small – $10 / month (Most Popular)

Ongoing Design Large – $20 / month

We offer the following methods of payment: (Cash always accepted depending on location)

Square – (Credit Card either in person or electronically. We accept VISA MASTERCARD AMEX & DISCOVER cards)

Paypal Monthly/Yearly Automatic Payments (You would need a Paypal account to use this method of payment)

E-Transfers through online banking (You would have to set up an e-transfer email through your financial institution to use this method of payment)

We can find the perfect fit for your business needs! If you are interested, please contact us in any of the following ways:

Phone: 226-347-9250

“Specializing in small business websites since 2014”

Bryan Vetor
Owner – H&M Hosting